Barry Sandefur

13578 Crestline Dr.
Camarillo, CA

Our First Custom Built Home:

We built a 28-acre estate including a custom 8,000 square foot home, separate guesthouse, tennis court, large pool and several fountains using Iverson Construction.

The Journey:

We were of course very apprehensive about setting off to build our first custom home, having heard all the horror stories of bad contractors and subcontractors from friends and associates. From our first introductory meeting with the Iversons, it was clear that both Mike and Brian enjoyed what they were doing and held the same values that we did. They were professional, honest, forthright, and knowledgeable builders. Their word was as important to them as it was to us.

Mike and Brian participated with us in investigating potential lots for purchase, identifying a good architect and of course the entire construction process, including landscaping. They were there to hold our hand throughout and we knew that our needs were being addressed at every step. In the course of building the home, they learned quickly the things that were important to us and in fact began to anticipate our desires and insured that we were able to participate in decision points at each stage of the construction process. They personally took us to each supplier and introduced us to the people and participated in our decisions on stone slab selections, appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, etc. They took special care to insure that all of my wife’s concerns were addressed to her satisfaction at each point in the process. This was key to our ending up with exactly the home we wanted.

Through the course of construction, it was clear they had developed strong relationships with the subcontractors and suppliers in the area. Since they were a respected and successful contractor and generating significant business in the area, they had the leverage to insure the needs of the client were met by the subs and that the jobs were finished according to plan. It also provided the leverage to pull back subs to remedy any of the inevitable problems that arise through the course of custom home construction and in the first years of home ownership.

The Finished Product:

Our home turned out beautiful. It exceeded all of our expectations and we had acquired two new friends in Mike and Brian.

Barry Sandefur

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